Color matters. Did you know that the original tomato color was yellow?

At the table not only must the palate be satisfied, but also the sight and the colors help to arouse interest in food. If we say 'tomato', the first and only color that comes to mind is red. It is precisely when the associations of thought are so deep-rooted that any change arouses immediate curiosity. Here is one of the reasons for the success of the yellow cherry tomato. Different in flavor and some of its nutritional properties from red tomato, this food immediately established itself as a 'trend food', or food that sets the trend, by virtue of the curiosity and enthusiasm that generates its color. The original tomato color was yellow!


Still, not everyone knows that the first tomatoes known by Europeans in the 16th century were yellow in color. To tell us it is the name itself, which derives from the 'golden apple', to indicate the golden tint of the fruit of plants unknown at the time and which were used only as an ornament.


Today, in an era in which the discovery of new flavors and products with unprecedented characteristics is a must, we find yellow tomatoes in various dishes and recipes. There is a bet that it will soon be proposed 'in all sauces'!


Precisely because, compared to the classic tomato, it does not present acidity, it is widely used in recipes based on fish and seafood. An example? The sea bream fillet with yellow datterini cream, or the yellow datterino cream with fish crudités.


A delight is the yellow cherry tomato gazpacho, quick and easy to prepare. It is obtained by blending, until a thick cream, the yellow datterini with half a red onion, a cucumber, a bunch of green basil, oil and red datterini. Everything must then be served with a few slices of bread.


Yellow tomatoes

In Italy, the yellow tomatoes are traditionally grown in the Vesuvius area. The variety Piennolo tomato was first described in 1544 and has not changed since then. It has come down to us thanks to the work of the Camaldolese monks of Nola, who have cultivated it for centuries in their gardens, keeping the tradition.

This variety has an elongated oval shape, is collected in clusters, and hung on the balconies, thus taking the name of 'piennolo', which means 'pendulum'.


It can be eaten naturally, but it is also ideal in seafood and for preparing sauces, velvety and creams of yellow vegetables - such as carrot cream, pumpkin, and yellow peppers -, which enhances the color and flavor by adding a pleasantly sweet and 'full' taste.


Ideal for pizza or fish dishes for instance!


A strong flavor in your best dishes, in keeping with tradition!

Yellow tomatoes, with their delicate and special flavor, are well suited for fish sauces above all with mollusks and shellfish. Try it with shrimps too! The freshness of yellow tomatoes sits ill with the most delicate vegetables. You can try them with eggplants and peppers. The texture of yellow tomatoes and their delicate taste perfectly blend in with pasta especially with “spaghetti alla chitarra” and tagliatelle.



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