Wheat Flour Type '0' Manitaly - Paolo Mariani - 1 kg

Quality Flour Manitoba


The only flour with the same quality as Canada’s manitoba and a truly Italian soul!
Manitaly is indeed obtained from the mixture of strong Italian grains developed over the years by Paolo Mariani on his own farm. The quality of these grains allows for a flour of great strength and stability, suitable for long- leavening products and the conservation of sourdough.
MANITALY, the quality of manitoba flour and the taste of Italian grains.


Re-package from 25kg bag in 1kg food graded white plain paper bag


  • Technical features Protein ssmin 14.5%
  • Gluten   s.s.min 13.0%
  • W340 - 360P / L0.60 - 0.70
  • Stabilitymin 15 '
  • Absorptionmin 60%
  • Ashes ss max 0.65%
  • Humiditymax 15,5%


This is what drives Molino Mariani Paolo to create "MANITALY" for the first time: a flour with the same quality as the Canadian Manitoba, but with an entirely Italian soul. 

MANITALY incorporates the value of the territorial tradition not only in the name but also in the triple function performed by the supply chain:

  • Territory development and enhancement of local producers.
  • Elimination of too long transport times at uncontrolled temperatures that generate the development of mycotoxins, harmful to human health.


Wheat Flour Type "0" Manitaly - Paolo Mariani - 1 kg