The “MERRY CHRISTMAS” Green Luxury Hand Wrapped Panettone 1kg

The “MERRY CHRISTMAS” Green Luxury Hand Wrapped Panettone 1kg


The “MERRY CHRISTMAS” handwrapped Panettone with precious papers with rubberized effect

Gift Festivity Christmas Sweet Food Product

2 assorted colours

This is a Italian High Quality Panettone Cake

Natural Ingredients

By Flamigni -

Made in Italy with Care


Panettone was invented in Milan, but has then conquered entire Italy. It is the symbol of Christmas and the Italian sweet best known abroad. It represents Italian traditional food culture for festivities. Flamigni produces its panettoni with high quality natural ingredients. Production processes follow traditional criteria and some phases are characterized by a manual intervention in order to exalt the goodness of ingredients. Panettone is a genuine and digestible product, since Flamigni aims to create healthy products of high organoleptic quality.


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