Salt Atlantic Ocean Marine Portugal.

The first salt pans were built during the expansion of the Holy Roman Empire, in the southern tip of the Algarve that unites Cavacos, Faro, Ria Formosa, Tavira, still today the hub of the production of pure and white sea salt. Collected in the natural salt pans and in the drying tanks still by hand, as a prized, natural asset of the earth, before the arrival of the late summer rains. It has the shape of small irregular crystals, opaque white, has a strong humidity that is felt when holding it in the hand, has an intense scent of sea and brackish. It has a salty but not strong flavor, ideal for fresh salads, tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet purple potatoes, it is also good for typical Portuguese dishes mixed with clams, mussels, shellfish in general.

Atlantico Portugal Rock Integral Salt - 120gr