Lurisia Natural Mineral Water Pet Bottle - 500 ml Pack of 12

Lurisia Natural Mineral Water Pet Bottle - 500 ml Pack of 12

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Lurisia Natural Mineral Water Pet Bottle - 500ml 


A simplified bottle, more suitable for home delivery but without losing elegance and style. Stille is our natural still water. The water is pure and light (with a fixed residue among the lowest in Europe) of the source of Santa Barbara. Originating from Mount Pigna, 1460 meters above sea level, in an uncontaminated environment and away from any possible source of pollution.


Santa Barbara spring Total hardness: °F 1 Sodium content: 2.6 mg/l Fixed residue a 180 °C: 35 mg/l pH at sample: 6.6 Perfectly colorless with reflections of the surrounding environment.


Perfectly unscented. A perfectly balanced and neutral flavor due to the minimum quantity of minerals present. Drunk on its own it is an excellent thirst-quencher and is suitable to accompany any meal due to its neutral characteristics. It doesn’t cover or change flavors but enhances them by leaving the palate clean.


Available for delivery in Dubai and all the United Arab Emirates.

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