Kenya AA Washed Pure Arabica Coffee - 10 Capsules


This particular variety of Arabica grows only at around 2000 m. altitude. The double “A” indicates the bean’s size, which is greater than most. Strong and aromatic its distinguished and intense flavor is a delightful complement as an end to the meal.



Situated at a height of circa 2000 m on terraces outlining the mountain slopes, the Kenyan coffee plantations, shaded by banana trees, are a spectacular characteristic of the landscape.

The best Arabica qualities undergo moist processing, which derives the adjective “washed”, and are marked with a double “A” for their over-average dimensions. Both the quality and the authenticity of provenance are guaranteed by Compagnia dell’Arabica, which only selects the best Arabica qualities in the world for its collection.

Kenya AA Washed Pure Arabica Coffee - 10 Capsules