Himalaya Sea Salt.

The best known is the Himalayan Rose which is extracted from the ancient mine in Pakistani Punjab called Khewra, the second in the world for volumes (after that of the Uyuni desert). It is a very pure crystalline formation, deposited by the oceans for 250 million years already, enclosed among the rocks, does not have natural or artificial waste deriving from human presence, it is not a real rock salt, it is a primordial sea salt even if extracted at about 1500 meters altitude above sea level. The pink color is due to the preponderant presence of iron oxide, as well as many other inorganic and mineral elements that in different measure, shape, quantity are found scattered in many salts in the world. In this salt there are 84.  It is very delicate, with an ethereal flavor, mainly salty-savory, it does not cover the taste, very suitable for meat and raw fish. According to the general idea, it is a very valuable salt because it helps remove waste, does not create water retention, and has not added additives in the product formulation.

Himalaya Pink Salt Grander Head - 110gr