THE GENERAL'S HOT SAUCE - Set of 3 bottles

1 Bottle of Maple Mayhem,

1 Bottle of Danger Close hot sauce

1 Bottle of Shock & Awe hot sauce. 

All-natural hot sauce, habanero-infused pure Vermont maple syrup.  100% American-grown peppers.

Maple Mayhem is like nothing you've ever tried before. It's pure Vermont maple syrup infused by sun-dried remnant habanero mash (after we extract the habanero liquid from the mash); perfect for chicken and waffles, brussel sprouts, maple glazed salmon, the list goes on. If you've got skills in the kitchen, this is your new secret weapon.

Danger Close is a HOT blend of cayenne and habanero peppers, Shock & Awe is straight habanero pepper sauce, and is VERY HOT.  


Fire for Effect ! 1 Bottle each of Maple Mayhem, Danger Close and Shock & Awe