Cow Milk Italian Burrata 

This is a High Quality Frozen Product

125 gr x 1 pcs  

From Puglia / Apulia  - Italy


The perfect union between craftsmanship and tradition!


An explosion of taste, a flavor that is impossible to resist.

Burrata or Burratina in smaller size, with its soft creamy heart and its creamy stracciatella filling, makes Puglia famous all over the world.


Burrata, meaning ‘buttered’ in Italian, is a dreamy fresh cheese that consists of a Mozzarella pouch, rather than a ball, filled with a delicate milky-mousse. When you bite into it, the filling gently oozes out. Delicious!


A delicacy from the region of Puglia Aplulia in Italy.


Wonderful in salads, with tomatoes and crusty bread, or atop pasta and spaghetti.

100% Cow Milk Italian Burrata Pugliese 120 gr x 1 pcs