Acai Berries - Frozen Fruit Puree


Introducing our latest addition to a wide range of frozen fruit puree. Also called the Amazonian palm berry (a grape-like fruit native to the Amazon rain forest) Acai is probably the healthiest berry that you can add to your diet.


The Acai berry (Euterpe oleraceae) in fact is one of the most nutritious fruits on the planet, heralded for centuries for its healing, immune-stimulating, energy-boosting properties.


Main Benefits of Acai berries are:

· Promotes Heart Health · Stops Bad Cell Proliferation · Aids Weight Loss · Promotes Skin Health · Helps Digestion · Reduces Irritation · Improves Cellular Health · Immune System Booster · Has Anti-Aging Effects · Boosts Energy · Encourages a Healthy Libido · Improves Mental Function

Acai Berries - Frozen Fruit Puree - 10% natural sugar - 1kg