Let's talk about peeled tomatoes.

The tomato originated in Mexico and Peru in South America and was highly appreciated at home - where the Incas and the Aztecs called it xitomatl , that is "plant with globular fruit, juicy pulp and numerous seeds" and consumed it every day, even in the form of sauce.

Today, Italy produces one of the best packed tomatoes in the world.

The best and noble tomato is the San Marzano and it is cultivated in Campania in the south of Italy between the provinces of Naples and Salerno with protected controlled origin (D.O.P.) in the valley of Agro-Sarnese-Nocerino districts at the base the vulcanic mountain Vesuvio.

The external characteristic of the tomatoes San Marzano is the intense red color and the long and pointed form. Thin-skinned, delicate, with few seeds and with its typical bittersweet flavor it is the ideal tomato for making sauces and preserves, and is the tomato of choice for authentic Neapolitan pizza makers.

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