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#Gluten-Free PASTA NATURA @ Italian Food Market

ITALIAN FOOD MARKET offers gluten free, high-protein, high-fiber and low-glycemic pasta an healthy and tasty first course, able to satisfy all tastes and nutrition needs.

Naturally gluten free, farm-to-table organic flours are skillfully processed and transformed into pasta. The production process is as traditional as possible: pasta is slowly dried and bronze drawn. Pasta does not deserve the name of pasta if it overcooks or if it is not rough enough for the Our gluten free pasta is available in different lines, all of these have an important common factor: they all were created so to make you try the perfect taste of pasta, good from the seed to the table, as the artisanal tradition wants.

PASTA NATURA in its variety is for people on a diet, for athletes, for growing children as well perfect for everybody's daily diet.

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